Classic TV: The 70s : Don't you wish…

Don't you wish…

There was a channel just dedicated to old Made for TV movies? The Hallmark channel shows their cheesy holiday ones round the clock but I'd love to see a channel dedicated to hard-to-find, maybe-only-seen-once and classic made for TV movies of the 70s & 80s. Things you haven't seen since you were a kid. What would be the top 3 on your wish list?

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Yes, of course! With all the retro TV channels around these days (Me, Antenna, Cozi, etc.), why isn't there a TV station that provides this? Fortunately, I happen to own several of my favorites. These are among the best:

Holiday movies:
The trilogy about Addie, a girl living in the Midwest in the 1940s--
The House Without a Christmas Tree/The Thanksgiving Treasure/The Easter Promise
The heartbreaking Christmas movie for children, J.T.
The precursor to The Waltons--The Homecoming

The troubled teen movies:
Go Ask Alice
Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
The Girls of Huntington House starring Sissy Spacek as an outspoken pregnant teenage girl, in an era when pregnant teens were forced to be segregated in separate high schools

The horror movies:
Trilogy of Terror
The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler
The Longest Night (girl is kidnapped and buried alive in a coffin)

The comedies:
All You Need is Cash--the second funniest parody about a rock group
(in this case, the Rutles--good music, too!)
The Girl Most Likely To.... I've never found Joan Rivers funny, except
for this dark comedy written by her.

Touching movies about people with terminal illnesses:
Message to My Daughter
Brian's Song
Do You Remember Love--reminiscent of the more recent theatrical film
Still Alice, and better

Historical/nostalgic dramas:
The Night That Panicked America--about Orson Welles' "The War of the Worlds" broadcast
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
When Every Day Was the Fourth of July

Two films that I've been looking for for years and still haven't found:
And No One Could Save Her--thriller starring Lee Remick
Marian Rose White--starring the actress who plays the voice of Bart Simpson as a girl unfairly institutionalized by an evil stepmother.

I'd even watch some of the sillier ones--the ones about teenage runaways, demonically possessed family members and pets, people being trapped by animals,
etc., rather than the treacly slop dished out by the Hallmark network. The least Hallmark could do is rebroadcast some of the better films from their "Hall of Fame" library, such as Sarah, Plain and Tall; The Old Man; Aunt Mary; Front of the Class; The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler; My Name is Bill W., etc. They could just show these fine films over and over again, especially during the holidays, instead of wasting money to make "new" movies which are just the same superficial pap endlessly repeated.

I'm not crying, you fool, I'm laughing!


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I'd rather see a lot of the older ones myself instead of the IMO misandric Lifetime films that demonize men as "sexist" folks wanting to victimize women.