Books : Do you have difficulty with book's character description after seeing the movie?

Do you have difficulty with book's character description after seeing the movie?

This was inspired because I am reading the original Slayers novels from which the famous anime series was adapted from. The anime made a few changes to the protagonist Lina Inverse in particular making her a redhead. Despite being based on Audrey Hepburn, because the original novel's illustrator drew her in anime art style, Lina doesn't appear to resemble Audrey Hepburn at first glance…………

Being a diehard Audrey Hepburn watcher for decades……….. It was very easy for me to not project Slayers with animated scenes of a redhead sorceress in my head as I read the original light novels…………… Instead I visualize the description as a live action movie starring Audrey Hepburn as a sword-wielding sorceress!!! I even imagine Lina Inverse speaking with a similar British accent Audrey had irl made famous by her movies!

So I am curious do you have problems reading books after watching movies for the completely opposite reason? When I was reading Doctor Zhivago and Gone With the Wind,I had difficulty with some of the characters because their descriptions differed so much. Ashley was described as far more handsome in the book than Leslie Howard was (who at that point was aged and worn out from his acting career) and not to mention the book described him as having a mustache and long hair at various chapters. Doctor Zhivago was even much harder- Yuri was described as not handsome at all, even words implying ugly…… While Lara was still implied to be dead drop gorgeous as Julie Christie was! So basically I had to visualize an ugly man with a gorgeous blonde blue-eyed bombshell unlike in the movie where famously extremely handsome Omar Sharif played Yuri.

In fact unless its my most favorite stars such as Shannen Doherty, Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, and so much more esp the Goddess of Cinema Audrey Hepburn!!!!!!…………. I now read the book before watching the movie because its a distraction trying to visualize the descriptions only for the movie star version to immediately project in a split second as you are reading a scene.

Does anyone have the same problem? I bring the whole subject up because of the irony it was far more easier reading the Slayers light novels than watching the TV show because of how the Lina's supposed to resemble Audrey Hepburn in the books. Its usually the opposite for me when I read the book after watching the movie, TV show, or animation of a novel!

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