TV General : Did movies survive despite outcry TV will kill it because of superior quality?

Did movies survive despite outcry TV will kill it because of superior quality?

Inspired by a post I saw.

In fairness to actors who viewed TV as beneath them … for a very long while they were totally right. Television has only actually gotten good in the last decade and a half. It's like OP's argument about video games: you can enjoy TV from earlier, but you can't claim that it genuinely competed with books or film. It was just kind of shit across the board.

Indeed despite how mainstream news media esp Newspapers have been crying out loud that television will kill the film medium, movies have survived all the way to today. Despite mainstream news since the 50s stating TV will steal away the movie industry's customer because its free, people still continued to pay pretty expensive prices just to see a movie for a one-time view.

So many theories arise the dominance of television did not completely kill movies and movies still continue to be profitable up until today and one of them is the quote above about how despite being free, TV shows were pretty crap through and through until recent time and the best TV shows could not hold a candle to good or even just subpar movies nevermind Academy Award winning stuff.

I actually am beginning to believe this is the case. I am watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of the MASTERPIECES of television of the 90s and I also did a Charmed rewatch back in August and am on a Beverly Hills 90210 rewatch as will as just started on Xena. I thought these shows were the best things ever growing up but uuugggh they are so hard to get through today esp since I'm also doing a viewthrough of Audrey Hepburn's completely filmography and other Golden Age Hollywood stars. The differences in quality in everything from acting to writing and music blows away Xena and Buffy. There is simply no comparison. Charmed and 90210 cannot touch even lesser known stuff like Gene Tierney's movies.

The only TV show I'm watching ATM that I can honestly say matches cinema standards is Alias and while its so damn good it legitimately beats your run of the mill Spy films and even the weaker James Bond movies, it cannot hold a cradle to From Russia With Love, GoldenEye, and esp Casino Royale and Skyfall.

So I completely believe the quoted text above and the theory that television was far below other mediums at the time except maybe comics that was why people continued to pay expensive tickets to see movies and while film continues to survive until today.

Your opinion? What arguments can you come up with whether this is true or false?