Reality TV : Dating Naked-can there be a worse reality show?

Dating Naked-can there be a worse reality show?

I saw this show for the first time over at a friends house. I don't have cable but just regular TV so I had never seen this show before. My friends were watching the show and saying how great it was. This blonde saying some guy had an erect penis. So what? They say these reality shows are all scripted. This one needs a better script. A woman and a man see each other naked for the first time for a date. Why do the people on this show, the men and woman look so bored? I think they would be excited but they sure don't show it. Then they have the men and women by themselves making comments. A guy says great boobs when you can tell even if it out of focus that the woman is very small, almost flat. It is like the guy is talking about someone else, a completely different woman.
I have a new idea for the show. I would like to be on it with my husband only each of us have dates. Then after the date I could see my husband's date naked and he could see mine. Our comments about what happened on our dates would make for an interesting show. Plus seeing my husband naked with another naked woman should be interesting. After the dates it would be interesting for the woman who dated my husband and the man who dated me find out we are married. Would be an more interesting show I think.

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Re: Dating Naked-can there be a worse reality show?

Yeah, it's awful. I have to admit though. If it were uncensored, I'd probably watch it.

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