Red Dawn : DON'T CRY!!!


Not for nothing, but even though Jed is clearly mirroring/honoring his father by echoing this statement, in the grand scheme of things why should he give a *beep* if a few tears are shed by some of his crew especially after witnessing the massacre of several dozen townspeople they most likely knew at once? Even if they were not familiar, I would think they'd be tears of frustration at the bare minimum as these were relatively innocent unarmed Americans. Everyone has their own way of dealing with hardship and Jed may be extra hardened circumstantially, but he still seemingly has a basic sense of humanity. That being said, it just struck me as a little over the top super machismo-esque.

Re: DON'T CRY!!!

He's a hypocrite, that's what it is. Later on he cries over Daryl, his friend, having to be killed.