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Cooking Horror Story

I always have to make sure that no old crumbs of food are sitting at the bottom of the oven before I use it.

Once, I decided to have french fries for supper. I took the frozen fries out of the freezer, laid them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven. I then went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was in the middle of doing that when my smoke detector started beeping.

I immediately ran to the stove and saw with horror through the oven window that a bright flame was burning. I immediately opened the oven, but the tray of fries weren't burning at all. The flame came from the very bottom of the oven. I filled up a glass of water and doused the flame.

I then realize that an old burnt up fry had been left sitting at the bottom of the oven the last time I made french fries for supper and that it burnt when I used the oven the next time.

I should'nt have poured water into the oven like that. The oven is an electrical appliance and I could've gotten electrocuted.

Someone should create a good show about cooking mishaps. They happen all the time. My story is a good example of that.

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Re: Cooking Horror Story

I've always heard you don't throw water on a stove/oven fire because it can cause it to spread. Beyond that, I vacuum out the bottom of my oven periodically just for this reason. I'm not sure a show of "near misses" in the kitchen would appeal to a broad audience.

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