Salma Hayek : Congrats. on your GOYA nomination.

Congrats. on your GOYA nomination.

Salma Hayek has been nominated for a Goya Award (Spanish Academy Awards) for her work in, "La chispa de la vida" (The spark of life)

First, she was nominated for an Ariel Award (Mexican Academy Awards), then a BAFTA (British Academy Awards), then the Academy Awards (Oscars), and now a Goya (Spanish Academy Awards). Good luck Salma. :D

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Did she win?

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No, the Spanish Academy just overlooked her. Spain has yet to acknowledge Mexican actors. But then again, she was up against 3 actresses who are so below Salma Hayek's status. Let me put it this way, "Those 3 actresses being nominated alongside with Salma Hayek is like God shaking the hands of a group nuns." (smile)

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I'm surprised she even landed a nomination to be honest. The spanish academy (and spanish people in general) don't really love mexican movies, co-productions, actors or filmmakers. On the other hand they LOVE argentine movies

They didn't nominate Gael for any of his movies

And the movie she was nominated for was crappy and boring. She was OK in it tho. But then again, who cares about this award? It's been around for less than 30 years, unlike the Mexican academy award (the Ariel, which isn't very prestigious either) and they aren't very serious... remember when they annouced the wrong winner for best original song in 2013 and then they had to apologize? truly embarrassing . I'm sure Salma is not losing any sleep for this defeat

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Absolutely not. I bet she was not shocked or hurt for not winning the Oscar. The Oscars do not give the award to minorities. Just those minorities who are from Europe. Racist bastards.