Black Adam : Black Adam reviews

Black Adam reviews

It's a credit to the lowered expectations of DC that "Black Adam," while incoherent for large swaths of its runtime and tonally all over the place, isn't a complete disaster.

Score: C | Full Review…

-Adam Graham, Detroit News

Black Adam has big issues and all the shortcomings of a superhero origin, but survives on non-stop action and the colorful, endearing cast performances.

Score: 3/5

-Kyle Wilson, The Lamplight Review

Black Adam is a six-aspirin cacophony of pounding music, exploding fireballs, low-I.Q. badinage and laughable plot twists. Mr. Johnson, forsaking his primary skill of playing a genial lug, spends the movie with an unconvincing scow

-Kyle Smith, Wall Street Journal

Black Adam feels like the product of putting every other DCEU movie in a blender. Sometimes you get a delicious character morsel like Wonder Woman or Man of Steel. Sometimes you nearly choke on a chunk of Suicide Squad. But it won me over.

Score: B

-Dan Murrell, Dan Murrell Reviews

I don’t even want to admit that it’s an actual movie, but assuming it is, it’s the worst of the year — and one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

Score: 0/4

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

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His origin story is way too complicated.

But it's a gift from Hollywood to promote diversity

The cast consists of people of color.