Where's Poppa? : Altered credits ?

Altered credits ?

When this film first came out a friend and I wondered how they could run the end credits when this appeared on TV due to this one character:

Israel Lang .... *beep* (uncredited)

But now he is listed as uncredited. The actor and charcter were in the original theatrical credits for this film, and he now apparently does not appear. I guess it was thought that the video credits are original.

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Re: Altered credits ?

When I saw the movie on TCM I cannot recall of the character mentioned above was censored or not. Does anyone know?

ME-TV just showed the film and it had a big black box over the name of the offending character in the cast.


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Re: Altered credits ?

A version that aired on local TV 25 years ago just snipped out the part of the credits in which the character's name was visible. Of course, this meant that the exit music was choppy, as well.