Mel Gibson : A better director than actor/movie star

A better director than actor/movie star

His filmography as an actor is pretty patchy to be honest. Apart from Gallipoli, Ransom, Signs, and maybe a few others that he made in the early part of his career, including the Mad Max movies, and The Year of 2000 Living Dangerously, most of his films, purely as an actor, are pretty mediocre.

However, I've been mostly very impressed by his skills as a director. Even when I haven't necessarily liked the POV and overall perspective of his movies (for instance the virulently nationalistic and at times rather homophobic Braveheart), there is no doubting his technical ability and the way he is able to emotionally connect with the material.

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As an actor, Mel is kinda like Tom that, it is very difficult to find a movie of his that wasn't...GREAT. And even if you find the rare movie that may not have done as well...he was still GREAT in it! His acting ability is exceptional, and'd be hard-pressed to find another actor with such incredible range. He has done virtually every genre, and done them quite well. Shakespeare...western....war films....comedy....drama....action....period pieces....romantic......etc, etc.

Mel is very underrated as an actor. Most people hear Mel Gibson, and they forget about a lot of his smaller roles, and instead zero-in on his blockbuster action roles. He can really do it all, and I'd hate to think his acting ability would get overshadowed by his few (but awesome) directorial projects.

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He's great at both.

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To be honest Gallipoli, the Year of Living Dangerously, the first two Mad Max, Ransom, Signs, Leathal Weapons and Braveheart are quite enough for any actor. Not many have that amount of classics in their filmography. That's 8 films that anybody would like to have in their filmography. The best actors have a list of mediocre films with a handful of masterpieces. The same goes for Gibson. There isn't an actor out there who has more. He has about 5 masterpieces. Gibson can't take on challenging roles because of his movie star status and good looks. This has been something that has held a lot of big names, but he now can pursue those roles cause he got older.

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He is a phenomenal director, maybe better as he was as an actor though he is very charismatic and was definitely a magnetic movie star with classic good looks.

But you underrate his films I think, what about the ff?

-The River
-Mrs. Soffel
-The Bounty
-Lethal Weapon films
-Forever Young
-The Man Without A Face
-Conspiracy Theory
-The Patriot
-Edge of Darkness
-The Beaver
-Get the Gringo
-Blood Father

I've seen other films of his not mentioned above but I haven't seen them in a long time and I have vague memories of them since I saw them as a little kid on tv, so have to rewatch them.

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His best acting and best directing were seen in braveheart and not the films you've mentioned.

I'd say he nailed that role as an actor better than most actors could.

Still, when you talk odds, he has better odds of nailing a hit as a director than as an actor (though usually due to the script/direction of the film, not his acting skills per se).

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braveheart...I'd say he nailed that role as an actor better than most actors could.
I can find Gibson cringe worthy to watch as an actor at times, but yes, his presence and performance in Braveheart did help elevate the film. This was a very heartfelt film for Mad Mel and his passion for the project and story is in every frame. It was also only his second film as director and an epic at that, so he had 2 important aspects of the film to contend with. Neither appeared to distract him from what his duties were. Apparently, he didn't even want to star in the film; but the studio would only finance if he played Wallace.

As a director, Mel has really proven himself to rise to the top echelon of film directors. As the op has commented, he knows how to emotionally connect with the material and knows how to present it from a technical and visual standpoint. He truly gets the language of film and is a genuine auteur.

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I think he is a much better actor than the OP is giving him credit for.

Nobody thought Mel Gibson could play a Scot but look at him now. An alcoholic racist.

It's that man again!!

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Do you not see the hypocrisy of your statement? Claiming Mel is racist while you display hate filled stereotypes and prejudiced remarks. Your a idiot, everyone like you and who share your values and mentality are a idiot.

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The haters are meaner than they claim Mel to be.
Mel hasn't said one word in 10 years, lol, they still talking crap about him.

The people that work with him LOVE him.

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Indeed, Mels a creative powerhouse.
He was in a bad way and displayed some vulgarity and stuff he Doesn't really believe in while he was high on negative emotions.
If you can't forgive him for that you can't forgive anyone.

Deep down everyone knows he's a honorable man.