3D Films : 3D is good ! the persecution of 3D.

3D is good ! the persecution of 3D.

Because of improved technology and no more sloppy presentation,the corporate opposition both in Hollywood and consumer electronics are trying to stop it. Have you notice that not one of the cheaper t.v.'s have the 3D process in it yet? the electronics corps are trying to eliminate it slowly ,by keeping it only in big huge expensive t.v. sets only.There was an article on Wikipedia that's nothing but sneaky propaganda against it. It undermined the original reason 3d was killed , sloppy projection.It even had an alleged survey, I believe was anti 3D,that stated that the showing of 3D movies keep those who want to see the movie in 2D from going to see it .What bull!theater off flat version after the 3D dates play out or have the flat version on one of the other auditoriums of the mutiplex.I believe there is a large majority interest in 3D movie out of a percentage ,but that parentage is being promoted by the opposition in the businesses as the majority.We must fight to keep it going so that one day technology will improve the we can see a three Dee movie without glasses .

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Die 3D Die !!!!

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You ask for it you fool .2D die ! 2D die !You must have 1 eye or flat vision ,which there is a cure or you got a subtle eye problem which ever I'm right,if i am go to to a entomologist whether you like 3D or not

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"Say it with flowers . . . give her a Triffid."