Women and Film : Nastassja Kinski: The Eternal Tess

Nastassja Kinski: The Eternal Tess

Before you conclude that Kinski was nothing more than a pretty figure, bear in mind that she was 18 when she filmed “Tess.” For an 18-year-old to play a woman who is impoverished, raped, impregnated, loved, rejected, scorned, kept, entrapped, and sentenced to death at the gallows for murder takes more than a visage of photogenic perfection. “Tess” is one helluva heavy drama, yet with what grace Kinski carries the burden of such woes.

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Re: Nastassja Kinski: The Eternal Tess

Yes Nastassja was terrific in TESS!!!

Have you seen her in PARIS, TX???



And try to check it out sometime if you haven't see it yet.

She's definitely a VERY TALENTED actress.

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