Grey's Anatomy : The surgery board

The surgery board

Is anyone else relieved that they finally changed the board? It's been in the background for years and the few times anything changed (that I remember), it was just the surgeon's names. This time, the patients' names finally changed since Minnick started rearranging the OR schedules and rooms.

I was really beginning to feel for patient "Laforte" being in the OR for so many years.

Re: The surgery board

I think the board is absolutely absurd.

No hospital has an actual dry erase board with the OR room, patients name, procedures being done and Dr. in a hallway next to a nurses station that thousands of people walk past every day. HIPPA violation at it's finest.

Every time they show it I just roll my eyes.

Re: The surgery board

True but the show hasn't even tried to be realistic whatsoever in quite awhile not.

Case in point: Arizona's prosthetic.