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Black Hawk Down

What did you guys think of Black Hawk Down?
I thought it was a very intense movie, just the way the American soldiers were practically getting beaten by the Somalis really kept me on the edge of my seat.
I also liked how in this movie, it didn't really had individual character development on each of the soldiers. In here, it was a collective or group character development, it was all about the American soldiers working and sticking together to survive the war in Mogadishu.
Some may argue that it had some considerable inaccuracies in its portrayal of the event in general, but movies aren't supposed to accurately, 100% portray exactly how a historical event happened, hence why movies say "BASED on a true story".
If you want to know what actually happened in the event the movie portrays, then that's what history books and the Internet are there for.

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8/10 for me.

It's a gripping and faithful adaptation. Mark Bowden's book was exceptionally written and the movie follows it extremely well. And Ridley Scott told the story of this battle with great detail and realism. Not a typical "Hollywood" war film at all.

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I didn't care for this movie at all. Even as a William Fichtner fanboy. As the OP said, there's no real character development. I didn't care who lived or died. They were just two dimensional cardboard cutouts in BDU's. Lacked any kind of depth to be even remotely good for my tastes. Very, very overrated film.

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I think maybe in some cases , a war, especially an intense flare-up like that of only a few hours endurance, maybe actually looks like 'cardboard cutouts".

I did not much enjoy Eric Bana's soldier's reflections/philosophy at end, I found that a little banal, whether that statement was really made like that by one of the participants, well, ok..

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It makes it hard to invest in the story or care about what happens to the characters.

I didn't care who lived and died and had difficulty telling one generic soldier from another.

Though, I did love Tom Sizemore.

"They're shooting at us!"
"Shoot back!"

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unfortunately, if I begin to expound on that particular war movie, I know I will rapidly drift over the line into expounding on it's subject itself, rather than the film.

And then I get pretty angry, and use some anti-politically correct language..

So I won't..but maybe y'all can 'feel' me...

As far as I will go is this:

the do-gooders who criticise the drone-strikes on militants that we use today, which were not available in Mogadishu that day...I mean, if they had been available, could there possibly have been any more apt opportunity and imperative for their use?
They could have lobbed a Hellfire into Aidid's crib and blown him to atoms, no losing two expensive helos, no losing 20 good men and fcku knows how many more maimed, and not even to mention the 1000-2000 'Skinnys" themselves also estimated to have been killed that day.
Oh, and btw, after all that , not getting Aidid anyway, and having him and his criminal band laughing at us.
BTW, all of this began when the West and America committed the crime of going to Somalia expecting to try to feed a nation of African people we were told were in the grip of a famine.
THIS kind of shyt, as portrayed in BD, is the alternative to the Drones.
I'll go with the drones, every damn time.

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Ok but I wanna know why soldiers today are so fkn tall . It wasn't like that in my youth neither.Its like "dude get ur fkn junk outta my face" Shyt!

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It could have been better.