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There Should Be a Red Eye 2

The other day I watched Red Eye, only to be left wondering as to whether or not Cillian Murphy's character (Jack Rippner) had actually died. True, he was shot, but the bullet wounds that Murphy's character received did not seem to be all that fatal, since you did not even see him die. I am not sure if Wes Craven was trying to imply that Rippner died, though I feel that Rippner did not perish from the gun shots. With all this being said; why isn't there going to be a sequel to this film? There are so many ways that this film could be formulated into a sequel, such as having the terrorists, or Rippner come after Rachel McAdams character (Lisa Reisert) for her failure to comply. An extreme amount of potential for a sequel stays untapped.
Do you think there should be a sequel, or do you think there is no need for one?

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Yeah Red Eye was a good one. A sequel would probably be good and Rachel Adams is a good actress.


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They had a chemistry. This time Jackson should return to save Lisa from his men and they could fall in love!

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