Shadows in the Sun : I really can't see what's wrong.

I really can't see what's wrong.

Hey people...

I think this one haven't been brought up before, so I'll associate you with my feelings.

This movie looks good. Yeah, so what do I mean by 'looks good': The cast is quite good. You have Harvey Keitel which is a veteran fine actor. You have Claire Forlani which is a really nice, young, and beautiful actress, though having a little career difficulty you'll find among her movies: "Meet Joe Black" which is a great movie (really under-rated), "Mallrats", which doesn't need any explanation. and more... and of course Joshua Jackson. The Production seems fine. The movie is full length, not idependent, indie or something. Nice poster, and publication concept. This is what I mean by 'looks good'.

Now I'll focus on my problem. This is really weird! I mean, look. Only 353 people have voted for this movie. I have never heard of it nor it had been played in my country (Israel). If you'll take a glimpse over the net you'll notice that critics have'nt reviwed it (e.g. Roger Ebert) nor movie sites mentioned it. Something looks really eerie here. It's like this movie is forgotten or something. Like something went wrong. You guys, in the US, how many cinemas played it? How many advertises have you heeded? I'm sure that really few. Because the facts say it all. No voters, not much forum topics. The message board in the official site is nearly deserted. This movie has got no attention at all. Even a Hallmark movie gets more than that!

So if you guys have something to enlight and enrich me with, which can solve this question and feed my curiosity you are more than welcome.


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Yeah, you're right, it's weird. I can't think of any reason, I dunno.

--- English is not my first language - so, if I make any mistake, please correct me!

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I'm having a hard time finding it here in NYC as well, I've been everywhere after they said it was released in early May... I think the film went to festivals of some sort and then straight to video, youre right... looks good but how the hell we find it to see for ourselves I dunno???

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All I can really say to help with this movie, is that it was a movie made for TV, On ABC family, which i didn't see it till it came on DVD. So that is why it never was in any cinemias or anything. but that is about all i can help with.
P.S. if you are looking for it here in the US check under the title "Shadows in the Sun" thats what it is called here.

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If you have Netflix, you can get it there. It's listed as "Shadows in the Sun" there too.

If you don't have Netflix, or something like really should get it. Between IMDb and Netflix, my movie life is complete

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Were the endless cliches a lesson in how not to write?
The ending of the movie had me convinced the whole movie was a satire on romantic foreign films centered around an artist.

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It is not described as a "TV Movie" by the IMdB. It appears to have been distributed globally.

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