Hook : Gave the Sword to the Wrong Kid!

Gave the Sword to the Wrong Kid!

I went and saw the 25th Anniversary screening of Hook last night. I still loved the movie but I totally forgot about something that had always driven me nuts when I first saw it. At the end, I totally thought Peter put the wrong kid in charge.

I thought he would have given the sword to the "oh there you are, Peter" kid. He was the only one who initially believed in him and he also seemed strangely wise (when he's arguing with Rufio). It also would have been great to see him in charge since was so small (the most child-like in appearance).

I didn't really get why the fat get got put in charge in the end. I might have liked him more if he'd been the one to recognize Peter first or if so much of his character hadn't been fat jokes.

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Yeah I guess 'mines my mother' was a sweet moment but other than that he didn't especially stick out.

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Just because he believed in Peter doesn't necessarily mean he's ready or able to wield a sword and command a bunch of boys. He was just too young.

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Easy: he's the one that had most screen time, there was no guessing who he would give the sword to.

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He also was a strong fighter and leader during the Pirates/Lost boys battle. Clearly, Rufio would've been the first choice had he not died. The little black kid that believed in him showed integrity whereas the chosen boy also showed integrity, leadership, good fighting skills, and he was a more appropriate age to handle the responsibility. Clear choice

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I really don't get this. The reason he didn't get the sword is because he is blind. That is the reason he steps forward and feels Peter's face. He recognizes him because he can feel the shape of his face and not see the changes caused by age.

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