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Eva Green

She was so beautiful in this film. Every scene with her just left me bewitched. Her eyes, her body, & her dark hair in those cloths, wow, just...stunning to look at & her accent just makes me shake my head in disbelief, what a woman.

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Agree, she is stunning in this film. You should see her mother, too. Amazing beauty.

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Wow, you wern't kidding, just googled it. Eva has her momma's eyes - man, they go right through you. I'd be a mumbly fumbly mess in front of her, I wouldn't even be able to string a few thoughts together. "Hi, I really liked when you were in "Kindom of ....doy! doy! doy!"...What a stone cold killer she is. Blue eyed murder.

Her mom even looked pretty darn good as middle aged & older. I also had no clue that Eva has a twin sister. My mind is boggling...the triple threat.

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Yes, she is stunning. She is great in everything she does. I love her. Her eyes are amazing.

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a very captivating actress, the complete opposite of bland and uncharismatic, when she's on screen you can't help but to look at her

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She wore too much clothes in this!😄

Seriously, check her out on Google topless. Hot DAMN! Best pair of tits in the world.

She is one truly fine, sexy babe!

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