Bewitched : Love Witch's style very good episode, in fact …

Love Witch's style very good episode, in fact …

... they should have made it a multiple episode theme where Serena dates various mortals or those warlocks that pretend to be mortals.

"It's the system, Lara. People will be different after the Revolution."

Re: Love Witch's style very good episode, if fact …

Disagree. It was an interesting idea, but blandly executed, and filmed in
the worst time period of the series - those non-Darrin duds.

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I think that's the one that shows Liz's double Melanie very clearly as they both peak through the door of the service.

Odd they let that one go.


Odd they let that one go.

Today it would be odd with big screen televisions where you would see Melanie's face very clearly.

Today it would be odd with the internet. If it was a new show and that happened it would probably crash the internet with many fans of the show rushing to the forums/Twitter/Facebook to say they saw Samantha's double and oh isn't it funny, slack, lazy, amateur, fantastic (etc etc) of the producers to let that one go?

But back then I don't think it would've been odd. Melanie was probably a nice actress and they wanted to show their appreciation by showing her face on screen even in only for a second. You know, as a sign of respect or something of that sort.

Also back then not many people would've noticed as not many knew there was sometimes two different actresses on screen rather than a split screen.

Also with televisions having very small screens back then, I don't think it would have been too noticeable to notice it wasn't Samantha's face but her double's.

Re: Odd?

Good post. Personally I got a kick out of catching that after seeing it so many times without noticing it.

That Was a nice gesture towards Melanie.

Re: Odd?

Nice feedback. Thanks.

But here's something really odd. I just found out that being a stand in can be a career move which I think of as rather odd. Don't you? If I am to believe the imdb entry for Melanie/Melody, she was not only a stand in for Elizabeth Montgomery all those years ago in early 1970s, she was also stand in for Goldie Hawn in the early 1990s!?

Re: Odd?

There was NO way they "wanted" to show Melody's face, for heaven's sake. But
you're correct that with the lower resolution of TVs then, they just did a
quick shot. And Liz really mugs it up in that tag, trying to draw the attention
to SAM.

The "Oops, there's Melody" thing happened several times. In season six's
"Serena Stops the Show", Sam and Serena enter the living room to greet Darrin
and Larry. Today, all you have to do is hit "pause" and Melody's face is seen
briefly, but clearly.

In season seven's "Darrin Goes Ape", Sam (Montgomery) "changes" into Serena in
the hallway, as Darrin works in the den. It is obvious that Melody simply takes
over as Serena, to save time.

The effects on BW were primitive - even during its original run. But who watches
the show to be dazzled by the effects? "Charmed" has much better effects, but
isn't nearly as charming a series.

Re: Odd?

I wonder if they planned to do a horizontal split screen with that closing shot, but ran out of time or money (or they just didn't care). I've always been interested to see what the actual budgets for seasons and episodes were, and how much was for effects.

Re: Odd?

Nope. Unless it was discussed at the initial script reading, the shot was
done as planned. It's called storyboarding.

In any case, this is such a s45tty episode - from a truly s65tty time of
the series - that any and all effects wouldn't have helped. At all.

Re: Love Witch's style very good episode, in fact …

"I'm going to find a mortal and MARRY it!"