Bewitched : That One Episode I Dislike

That One Episode I Dislike

I just bought seasons three and four. Haven't seen most of those episodes in years and I just watched one that I forgot that I really disliked, The Ho Ho the Clown episode! Yikes!

Just one of those things, but I have always detested clowns. They give me the creeps. And I hated that "Ho ho ho" voice that the actor did. He did a good job of playing a character that the kiddies would love. But he is unbearable for adults. That clown voice is so annoying.

This was also one of those episodes where I thought Endora was totally in the wrong. Other times when she used her magic on Darrin she was trying to prove a point or cause mischief. She had to "prove" to Samantha that she was right about Darrin's human flaws.

But this time she really demonstrated some flaws of her own! There was no reason for her to give Tabitha the winning number for the "Ho Ho" hopechest. Samantha explained to her that it was unethical. Tabitha wasn't eligible because her father was associated with the show.

One of Endora's major complaints about humans was their greediness, pettiness and grubbing after material wealth. She was acting just that way in this episode and unethical to boot.

Couldn't understand why she put the spell on Ho Ho making him love Tabitha and ignore the other children. Endora liked to mess with Darrin but this time she was messing with another person's livelihood and messing with the Advertising firm. Interesting that she was nowhere to be found at the end of the episode when Samantha came up with the idea for the Tabitha doll.

This was one time she really owed Sam and Darrin an apology, imo

I just can't stand clowns anyway! Does anyone else have an episode that they really dislike or when Endora was just too mean or over the top?

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Endora had two moments that troubled me in the run of the show:

She was totally cold to and about Aunt Clara in "The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara"

In the season 5 episode where Sam was trying to get a donation for Unicef, she made a comment "This is what happens when you get involved with mortals and their petty problems" which Sam replied something like "hungry children are not a petty problem"

I thought on those two occasions, they wrote her *too* harsh. We're not supposed to HATE Endora.

What was nice was when she commented, in the season 6 Halloween episode (again dealing with UNICEF) - "hungry children ARE more important than a petty witch"--or something to that effect.

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I like - but do not love - the Ho HO the Clown episode. First of all, it's
season three - the best of the series - in my opinion. I also love all the
Tabitha scenes, and it's fun seeing Dick Wilson actually portraying a SOBER
human being, rather than a drunk.

This episode also features that huge goof! WHY do Sam and Darrin have that
huge ,baby-blue, windowless, front door??? (which is replaced by the real one in the

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What was hysterical to me was this exchange in "Ho Ho":

HO HO: That kid's got me under a spell!

DARREN: You're not under HER spell, you're under-


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Well you two picked on the few good things about the HO HO episode! Just like I did when I named the few good things about Mary, the Good Fairy! (remember gbennet?)

Was nice to see Dick Wilson play someone sober. And season three had mostly great episodes. I just put this one in my personal "clunker" category.

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My least favorites are that ridiculous flying saucer episode (I don't even acknowledge the existence of that episode usually!) ....and any episode where Endora or Darren (or anyone for that matter) is *unusually* harsh.

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Yeah, that flying saucer episode was so silly. But I like dogs much more than I like clowns, so I put up with it!

The only part I really enjoyed was seeing Gladys Kravitz go bonkers and then get zapped with the "nice gun"! Funny

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I never cared for the flying saucer episode either. And sadly, that was Aunt Clara/Marion Lorne's final episode before her death.

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The flying saucer ep is too "I Dream of Jeannie" for me (sorry, folks), but I
will take it ANY DAY over the season five non-Darrin clunkers ("Tabitha's
Weekend", "Samantha Twitches For UNICEF", "Samantha's Good News", etc.). The
end of season five is, to me, Bewitched at its nadir.