Bewitched : Book suggestion

Book suggestion

Hey gang.

Don't know if there are any BW fans that also follow Star Trek TOS but was reading "These are the Voyages" for season one.

Was wondering if any that are at least familiar with that can recommend something similar for Bewitched.

For others, I'm basically looking for a book that covers in detail the productions and machinations that went into making this show. I have the book that was released in the 90s by Pilato but was looking for something more.

I have been seeing much information from the fans here that I never saw anywhere else, leaving me thirsty for more.

Re watching the first season left me wondering what went into the writing, why certain decisions were made for stories and of course the special effects.

For all I know I may already know what that would offer but thought I'd ask anyway.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you seen the documentary on YouTube? It's called something like "Bewitched" behind the scenes. I tried to post a link but it didn't work.

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There are several Bewitched books available at AbeBOOKS.COM They have The Bewitched History Book, 50th Anniversary Edition by David L. Pierce, The Bewitched Continuum by Adam-Michael James , The Magic of Bewitched Trivia by Gina Meyers and a couple of biographies of Elizabeth Montgomery.

I have the Bewitched Cookbook by Kasey Rogers (Louise Tate) I got that on ebay a long time ago. Also have the Pilato book from ebay.

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Yes, I've seen the documentary a while ago and got some things about it.

Maybe I've learned all I can from various resources over the years. This board being one.

I'll look into the books suggested.

Wish there was Way to take a virtual tour of what the sets looked like and the rest of the building from behind the scenes at the time of shooting.

The first season of I dream of Jeannie actually showed the exterior of the lot pretty well as far as how things were laid out. Funny to realize the pool was across the Nelson house. They were careful not to show that again from the 2nd season on.

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It looks like most of the Bewitched-related books have been posted, but I would also try the Agnes Moorehead biography, "I Love the Illusion" by Charles Tranberg. It obviously goes beyond Bewitched, but it has good information about her on the show. I think the closest Bewitched book to the Star Trek "These Are the Voyages" books is Herbie J Pilato's Bewitched Book/Bewitched Forever. Like many TV show books, it's definitely heavy on cast and episode descriptions, but there's production history too. has a lot of good articles about the production history as well.

You should also check out Star Trek Fact Check: it's a great resource and actually refutes some of the sloppy research in the "These Are the Voyages" books, as well as many of the Star Trek myths that have been floating around for decades. The guy on that site does a lot of archival research in Star Trek related collections across many libraries and archives. I was really excited about the "These Are the Voyages" books, but sadly it seems like they're not quite as well researched as they appear to be.

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Ah interesting about these are the voyages. I didn't catch onto that and was impressed by vol 1 which was as far as I got.

Re Moorehead's book, I suspected that maybe one of the deeper books, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought I'd ask though. The 50th anniversary book was mostly synopsis with a commentary at the end of each so that wasn't it. Glad I ordered the kindle version.

Just wanted to experience what I did with the Voyages book.

Never have looked into the Mongomery books and that maybe my next stop.

Thanks for the web site suggestions!