Bewitched : Watching the Thanksgiving episode…

Watching the Thanksgiving episode…

With the recent holiday, I took time out to watch one of my favorite holiday BW episodes, "Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember." This was an unusual season (4) in that they had a Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas episode.

This is also one of my favorite Gould-Kravitz episodes. I think it's hilarious how she gets caught in Aunt Clara's "jetstream" and gets sent back to 17th century Plymouth with her Pyrex measuring cup. Aunt Clara arrives at the Stephens by accident in her pajamas because she talks in her sleep!

A couple of head-scratchers for me whenever I watch this:

Aunt Clara gets nostalgic for the "old days" of John Alden, Priscilla, and Plymouth Rock. She decides to forego Thanksgiving dinner with the Stephens to go back and visit the gang. Darrin says he'll make a plane reservation. I always wondered just what destination he would make the reservation for? ("Yes, I'd like a one-way ticket to Plymouth, Massachusetts, 17th century please.") Samantha seems to agree with Darrin's suggested travel method when Aunt Clara's spell doesn't work the first time.

When Aunt Clara remembers the spell to return to present-day Connecticut, only the original group returns (with Darrin a little delayed for some reason). Tabitha wasn't anywhere in the courtroom during Darrin's trial, and Mrs. Kravitz was sitting in with the audience. If anyone nearby can get caught in a witch's spell, how come the entire courtroom didn't return with Clara?

I guess that would have made for another episode!

Re: Watching the Thanksgiving episode…

I also love this episode and watch it every Thanksgiving (right after Woody
Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters", another annual treat for me). I've never
paid attention to the plane line, but you're right - what WERE Sam and Darrin
thinking?? The only possibility is that they at first thought she wanted to
go to that destination of 1967.

As to the second part of your question, those are the things (along with the
actual ages of the witches) that I don't pay any attention to. Since it isn't
real, there is no explanation needed - it didn't really happen.

Re: Watching the Thanksgiving episode…

True. Although it would might have been a funny two-parter if Clara does bring the entire courtroom back home with them!

I also love Darrin's line to the Pilgrims while piling his plate with food: "All I had for breakfast was puff-ED rice." I believe Quaker Oats was sponsoring them at that time, so it was a nice little product push there.

I remember watching this when I was younger not liking how mean Darrin was to lovable Aunt Clara here. But then I had to think, sweet as she was, her visits always spelled disaster for Darrin, so I guess I'd be wary too! This time around he nearly gets burned at the stake!

Re: Watching the Thanksgiving episode…

One of my favorites as well. As for the plane reservation line...I think Darrin and Sam thought she was wanting to fly to see her witch friends at the time. I know she lists a bunch of people who probably aren't witches, but let's face it from what the show tells us, her witch friends from that time period should still be alive.

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