Love Potion No. 9 : help with movie need title

help with movie need title

ive been looking for this movie forever and i need someone to help me find it. The premise starts off alot like this movie except these two guys works as cooks and make a love potion out of a ketchup looking red sauce. The sauce makes people go crazy at parties/fall in love/become horny and the guys make big vats of it in their kitchen. it was made in the late 80's/early 90's. the love intrest was named ursula (same name as the witch from the little mermaid) and one of the guys gives her a thumb ring. please help. also, i think all the actors are latino in the movie but im not sure.

Re: help with movie need title

I would post this question on the main message boards, I got a reply back right away when I made a post (weird thing is I actually had a dream where I wrote the post! Randomly thought of the post looked for it when I realized it was a dream! Wrote the postfor real this time and got the answer to a question I thought of asleep) sorry that story never gets oldto me ;)

I'm from the 80'sthat's where they made me at.