Beavis and Butt-Head : What made this show a classic?

What made this show a classic?

This show was brilliant. where did tv go wrong?

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It started with Real World on MTV and shows like Survivor.

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This show is the show which really started the cartoons going totally out there.. Looking back this show is really tame compared to something like South Park, but when Beavis and Butthead came out the worst you'd see in a cartoon was Bart Simpsons saying Eat my Shorts.

This show allowed other shows like South Park to really push the envelope.

sure you had Ren and Stimpy prior to BnB but I don't think Ren and Stimpy achieved the mainstream appeal that BNB did..

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Yeah I would agree that B&B did the most to open up new avenues for adult cartoons. I remember how a lot of adults hated it because it pushed a lot of boundaries. Liquid Television (where B&B first appeared) especially showed how cartoons could explore all kinds new and strange directions.

The 90s was a good place for cartoons in general. NickToons began with shows like Rugrats and Doug and they seemed very different compared to what I watched during the 80s.

Ren & Stimpy
pushed a lot of boundaries as well, but they were also hampered a lot by Nickelodeon because it was a kids network. I think John K. is still pretty butthurt about that even though it's been a long time since those shows aired.

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This show ran during some of my funnest times, I was 20 to 24 during it's run. MTV died in or around 95 when they started to focus on reality shows. This show should've been like the Simpsons, still going and still on the air.