Animation : Throwback: Remember the clay animation?

Throwback: Remember the clay animation?

For now most of the animation that we've seen it both on TV & movies are mostly 3D, Disney & Japanese anime but do you or any current generations out there knew about the CLAY ANIMATION?

Well this type of animation became a huge hit during the 70s & 80s and I remember that during my childhood days but today its already gone or its becoming an underground thing & not yet dead. You could still watch some of clay animation on youtube like this one that I'd saw it recently:

I don't know if a clay animated film had made it to the Oscars or Academy Awards for Best Animated Featured Film category (but not the short one) for the past 16 years but tell me it there was if I'm wrong 'cause this is a very rare one [I think there was]. This year there was no clay animated film had nominated for Oscars & we never know if a clay animated film will finally made it to an Oscar nod next year & even won it against 3D & Disney animated films & maybe Japanese anime films which are mostly became dominant on Best Featured Film nomination category for years.

So what can you say about this clay animation & do you think that it'll bring back its trend to the entertainment world on this present day?

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Re: Throwback: Remember the clay animation?

Yes, I remember Gumby had one and when Rankin and Bass had a lot of clay animation in their Christmas specials. I love that one special with the Meiser Brothers, I'm not sure if I've spelled that right.

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Re: Throwback: Remember the clay animation?

I love clay animation. Especially Wallace and Gromit.

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