Lord of Illusions : Dorothea ungrateful?

Dorothea ungrateful?

Hey guys,

After becoming a huge fan of the film, I couldn't help but notice that I thought Famke Janssen's character Dorothea was an extremly ungrateful and unlikeable character.


Now mind you I haven't read the short story "The Last Illusion" that this film was based on. I do know though that Swann's character is very unlikeable and dies only a few pages into the story.

So first as a young girl Dorothea is kidnapped by these psychos in the desert and planned to be killed. Swann risks everything (turning against his master, and risking his friend's life's) and saves her. Obviously he takes her with him and in time becomes this big famous illusionist and gives her a really nice life. But the second she meets D'Amour she quickly tells him that she didn't marry Swann for love. (Now I know some of you will say she stayed with him all these years because she felt she owed it to him) but she tells a complete stranger this only minuites after meeting him?) Then she doesn't seem that distraught after he's head. Let us not forget the scene in which she's in this white nightly and is on the phone with Harry and she's smiling and acting as though she's flirting. What's this only a day or so after her husband just died?

Then she sleeps with D'Amour before her husband is even buried! We learn that Swann faked his own death to protect her from Nix's people (which means he would leave all this so called "fame and fortune" that Dorothea told D'Amour had changed him so much. Now we don't know what happened in their 13 or so years together. Maybe he kept her locked up in the mansion like a prisoner because he was scared, maybe he did changebut I find it very heartbreaking that Swann even admits to Nix at the end that he still loves her and he's killed for it. Dorothea doesn't even try to help him and after he dies she walks out with D'Amour as if everything is okay.

Maybe that's how it was supposed to look, but does anyone else see this? I found her character very unlikeable.


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Re: Dorothea ungrateful?

I agree with you, but I think it the structure of the story made it inevitable to end up that way. The main character had to get the girl (Allows the plot and romance to go hand-in-hand) and they threw her "romance" with Swann to make it more interesting. Problem is, an altruistic Byronic magician is way more interesting than a noir-styled detective- and people always identify more with the characters they find more interesting so the girl comes off as a bitch and the "hero" of the story comes off as a goody-two shoes you're secretly hoping will die, but never does.

or maybe it's just me :O

Re: Dorothea ungrateful?

You have to consider that after the trauma of the kidnap when she was a kid, she is most likely rather messed up in the head to start with. She stayed with Swann because she felt obligated to him. That doesn't mean he forced her to marry him or anything, but that on a psychological level she felt she had to stay. Yes, Swann gave her a nice life, but one can't force themselves to love someone. That simply isn't how it works. Truth be known, even though she felt obligated on a psychological level to marry him, she may have resented him for never having had the opportunity to do as she wanted in lifehence her lack of sadness at Swann's death and her desire to be with Harry. Her attraction to Harry seems genuine, and love doesn't guarantee that you end up with the rich, wealthy illusionist. Whatever the case, she fulfilled her role as wife to Swann and only after his death did she get interested in someone else, so I don't see her as unlikable as much as see her being a victim to circumstance. Also, there was NOTHING she could have done to save Swann at the end.

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Re: Dorothea ungrateful?

"Also, there was NOTHING she could have done to save Swann at the end."

Maybe she could have saved him by jumping in front of him when Nix threw him up against the wall so she would have got an aneurysm instead of him.

Also, anyone who thinks Harry D'Amour is more attractive than Philip Swann is blind or a lesbian.

Re: Dorothea ungrateful?

Yeah, but c'mon.Famke is hott so she gets a pass. LOL.


Re: Dorothea ungrateful?

So ungrateful that she married Swann out of the respect she had for him for saving her life? can't say I agree.

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