The Inheritance : Spoilers?


I just saw this movie this weekend, and my DVR shut it off one minute or so before the movie actually ended! I saw the end of the movie, but I was reading the little blurbs at the end on what happened to the characters after the movie. I only saw what happened to the mother & the cousin who became a suffragette. Does anyone know what became of anyone else? I'm curious to know. Thanks in advance!

Re: Spoilers?

Awwwww....I hate when that happens!

I feel your pain! which is why I checked the ending on my DVD just for you!.

Here is what you missed:

"Frederick Arlington married in 1879.
And in 1880. And 1885.
He filed for personal bankruptcy in 1909."

"Ida Glenshaw returned home to her aunts.
In 1893 she spent six months in Northland Correctional Facilities for shoplifting.
She never married."

"Mr. and Mrs. James Percy were wed in the spring.
Edith left Evenswood to move into James' cottage by the ocean.
They lived happily ever after."

Re: Spoilers?

I can't remember all of them....... The one creap married two or three times and lost his estate & etc. Will be back on WE channel Dec 20th I believe.

Great Movie.

Re: Spoilers?

Of course this is all nonsense as these are fictional characters. You might as well make up your own endings!