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TOS Books

I'm a big fan of TOS and have been reading the books as I happen across them. Is there an actual reading order to these books though? What is it? I'd hate to have certain events spoiled for me by reading them out of order.

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Most of the books are standalone adventures, and while some may make some offhand reference to one of the episodes to establish when it is taking place I never once really remembered being lost or having anything spoiled for another book. The only acceptions would be ones that are specifically part of a series of books, either by a crossover event (such as "Invasion"), or within their own time frame sequels (such as "My Brother's Keeper").

If you haven't yet read it I remember really enjoying Kobayashi Maru (Pocket books novel #47, not the ENT one) It was about Kirk, Scotty, Sulu, & Chekov swapping stories about how they did in the No-Win Senario. Also I used to love the book 'Federation' but First Contact came out not long after and completely rewrote most of that novel.

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The books are what kept the series alive during the "between times". But like
all things Trek related, Paramount's reigned in the books. At one time we got
at least one book from each show, so you'd have a TOS,TNG,DS9, and Voy book every month, and latter additional storylines of Star Fleet Corps of Engineers,
and New Frontiers. Add to that an annual short story contest, where the winner would write a full book. Now we're lucky to get a book a month, and they're
only accepting manuscripts from authors with an agent.

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There are a couple of sequels in the series (speaking of the originals numbered 1-80-something and IIRC one 3 volume series, but as posted above they're mostly stand alone.

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You should check out the DS9 books. Since 2001 they've covered about five years worth of storylines.

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I own almost all of the STO books (pre-numbered through 83 or so) and about 30 of the TNG books, but I was never a fan enough of the other 3 series to read the books.

I really wish some of the books had been used for the movies instead of writing original scripts. Some of the books are really fantastic stories.

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New Voyages
New Voyages 2

Those were the first two I think, followed by "Spock must Die"

I've read the others, but I can't remember their order.