The Blackout : Lesbian scene (uncut editon)

Lesbian scene (uncut editon)

I've read somewhere that claudia schiffer(sp?)had a scene with another woman.
Is this true or the one I saw it was cut...???

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Re: Lesbian scene (uncut editon)

If so, I would have to wonder where they would put it? She's supposed to be the square character in the movie.

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Re: Lesbian scene (uncut editon)

Indeed. That would make no sense at all, unless it was one of Matthew Modine's dreams/hallucinations.

Re: Lesbian scene (uncut editon)

I don't know about that...but IMO she was totally miscast, and really brought the movie down. Hopper was his typical crazy character self, and Modine was fine, as was Dalle. And the sequencing provided a nice sense of tension. But Schiffer just sort of stuck out like a sore thumb.

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Re: Lesbian scene (uncut editon)

She did have a sex scene with another woman, but it was cut for some reason. I remember stills being seen back before it came out.