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Just watched All Our Yesterdays

I was kind of bummed after watching this one. I felt sorry for the Zarabeth character (even though it's not real) being stuck alone for the rest of her life after she thought she was going to have companionship.

I actually was surprised she didn't say screw it and that I'll risk trying to go back to the library to test this theory of "not being able to come back". Either I get to come back or I'll die but either is better than living the rest of my life in this cave.

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In some novels Zarabeth actually had a child from Spock.

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illogical, he was not experiencing Ponn Farr at the time

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illogical, he was not experiencing Ponn Farr at the time

Dr. McCoy: Are you trying to kill me, Spock? Is that what you really want? Think; what are you feeling? Rage, jealousy? Have you ever had those feelings before?

Mr. Spock: This is impossible... Impossible. I am a Vulcan.

Dr. McCoy: The Vulcan you knew won't exist for another five thousand years. Think, man. What's happening on your planet right now, this very moment?

Mr. Spock: My ancestors are barbarians. Warlike barbarians.

Dr. McCoy: Who nearly killed themselves off with their own passions. Spock, you're reverting into your own ancestors five thousand years before you were born!

While books are not viewed as canon, the two were "Yesterday's Son" where Spock
rescues his son and "Time for Yesterday" were the son is an adult trying to bring freedom and democracy to ancient Saripedon.

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Purely conjecture, but I would guess if you're going to send someone back in time as a capital punishment for a crime, and you have a preparation process for time travel in general, to acclimate them; you might be inclined to add an imperative where, even at your most desperate you don't try to return. It could be part of that notion that they would die, engraining it so much into their subconscious that they can't override their natural survival instinct. That in itself may be enough, verses making it physically impossible for them to return; if they just believe well enough that trying would be suicide, and perhaps boosting the drive to live, they won't ever try, no matter how bad it gets. They're literally sentenced to live.

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