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Did anyone actually use the term "firecrotch" in 1965?

I never heard it before that douchebag guy called Lindsay Lohan a firecrotch a couple of years ago.

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Maybe they used it as we used to call a girl fire fanny in 1991

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Profanity is not some new thing created by generation X; it has been around for many years.

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I just watched this w/my daughter last night so sorry for late date of the posting ...

Agnes really reminded me of a "Parent Trap" era Lindsay Lohan with the red hair, so I had wondered before they called her Fire-crotch if LL was supposed to have done this role then dropped out??...

Definitely have Brandon Davis to Thank for bringing Fire-crotch term to the masses, I never heard it on TV or in movies before 2006. I think it was during the Paris Hilton era that he called her that so was in 2006.

We never heard that term before or really the term "Ginger" being used as an insult (I always equate it with Ginger form Gilligan's Island so go figure)- but these were popular insults...

Carrot Top, Pippi Longstocking, Copper Top, Burning Bush, Bozo, Annie, Little Red Headed Girl, Beeker
Chucky-either from Child's Play or Rugrats
Red headed stepchild as in being beaten like one
Red on the head fire in the bed
Better Dead than Red on the Head
Blondes are wild, Brunettes are true, But you never can tell what a redhead will do.

SOURCE: My mom, my daughter and myself - all have red hair (my brothers beard is red-& I have dyed mine so it isn't like it was as a child-but once you are one, you identify as one).
I can't hear you over the volume of my hair.

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I am in my forties (born in the 70's) and am redhead, and have been aware of the term since I was a kid. It's not new.


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Re: Firecrotch?

Firecrotch refers to the pain a pregnant woman feels in her crotch or it refers to a redhead's hairy twat.