Halloween Night : Should I Rent The DVD???

Should I Rent The DVD???

I was browsing at Blockbuster and came across a copy of Halloween Night,and it looked kinda interesting.Yes,I'm aware that the company is made from The Asylum that made those ripoffs sucha as When A Killer Calls,Snakes On A Train,Alien Vs.Hunter,Monster,I Am Omega and Da Divince Treasure but the backcover showed a messed up face and I'm wondering shoulf I rent it....it looks good.

Re: Should I Rent The DVD???

im a horror nut who will watch anything, troll 2 looks like a masterpiece compared to this tripe, avoid.

Re: Should I Rent The DVD???

Yes, rent it! I'm going to buy it. Also lookup Camp Slaughter with Matt Dallas. It's a solid thriller as well.