Halloween Night : Sounds Like HALLOWEEN


I have not seen this movie, but it looks kinda good... It sounds like a HALLOWEEN remake though. Minus Michael Myers and the rest of the characters.


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Re: Sounds Like HALLOWEEN

Yes... Keep in mind this is from the same company that has made Snakes on a Train, Exorcism, When a Killer Calls, and Alien vs. Hunter, among other classic ripoffs... I managed to get a copy of it though and I hope its decent.

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Re: Sounds Like HALLOWEEN

yea like the other poster said, asylum makes knock offs to movies that just came out; its basically a combination of halloween 1,7,8; the ending is basically completely ripped off from halloween 7; and plus the cover is a knock of for a european version of the cover art for halloween; all and all though ive seen worse

Re: Sounds Like HALLOWEEN

It is the same idea, but not as scary. Entertaining movie though.