Television Awards : Favourite Novelists

Favourite Novelists

For me...

Thomas Hardy
Henry James
E. M. Forster
Virginia Woolf
B. S. Johnson
Salman Rushdie
J. M. Coetzee
Jonathan Coe
Ian McEwan
Michael Ondaatje
Kazuo Ishiguro

Any recommendations based on my preferences? I finish my MA in September and am looking for some good reads

"I grew up poor so when things broke, we just pretended they still worked"

Re: Favourite Novelists

John Steinbeck
Stephen King
Ayn Rand
Mark Twain
Ernest Hemingway
Charles Dickens
James Joyce
Aldous Huxley
William Faulkner
Evelyn Waugh
J D Salinger

Re: Favourite Novelists

No idea why you'd be posting this here but I'd recommend Kurt Vonnegut.