Television Awards : Tatiana Maslany!!

Tatiana Maslany!!

I love ALL of the nominees, I think they're all brilliant actresses. But what Tatiana Does on Orphan Black... No other actor on television have I ever see do, and do well. To shape shift from character to character and often playing opposite a tennis ball. It's hard to wrap your mind around. Then you have the scenes where she is playing a clone portraying another clone acting in a scene where a clone is portraying another clone! So happy to finally see her be nominated. Maybe it's a good sign that she was nominated after 3 seasons. Maybe people are finally realizing her talent.

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It's for posts like this that imdb needs a "like" button. Completely agree, Maslany should have won, but I think she should win every year. She's amazing.

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not sure which is the biggest American travesty .. 9/11 .. the great depression or Tatiana being snubbed.