Television Awards : BLUE BLOODS… Missing AGAIN?


This is one of the most accurately written and acted police dramas since Adam12.

Tom Selleck is outstanding; Len Cariou holds up with time; Donny Wahlberg is a STAR; and on and on. Casting alone should get an Emmy. So what's the story?

As for story lines, they shoot in NYC, the locations are all real and recognizable. Even One PP (1 Police Plaza) is accurately portrayed.

So What's the Story?

Of course there are technical slips, but have you ever watched Law and Order trial scenes and NOT seen goofs? They must use Judge Judy as Tech Advise.

I'm getting more pissed the more I write, so I'll leave it here:

Who's programming TV today? Do the recruit some group of 22 year olds who took TV 101 for a semester and then asked Uncle *beep* (who just happens to be a Sr. VP at a network) for a gig.

I'm a Nielsen analyst and I'll be back...