Television Awards : Affirmative Action awards time

Affirmative Action awards time

Notice how there is at least one token black actor/actress, series or made for TV movie nominee in just about every single category? You know they need this because of complaining all year about the lack of "diversity"

We're going to see a lot more of this pandering throughout the awards season, mark my words

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Emmy nominations

Although, there are definitely some legit black nominees. Bokeem Woodbine was fantastic in Fargo. Never have seen Luther but I am a big Idris Elba fan. Courtney B. Vance killed it in OJ and the dude who played Chris Darden was good too. Cuba was not convincing as OJ tho and I don't think anyone likes Anthony Anderson (black or white). Dude is an annoying walking stereotype. If anyone from Blackish deserves a nominee it's Lawrence Fishbourne. That man can do no wrong

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That's why nobody bothers watching that crap anymore.

It's just pandering.

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Critics of the #OscarsSoWhite charged black performers to improve and they have across the board but once they get nominated for their efforts, you have the nerve to boil it down to affirmative action?

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