Storytelling : laughter in one of the last scenes?

laughter in one of the last scenes?

Uh, I didn't understand the one of the last scenes where the documentary was playing in front of an audience and the audience kept laughing loudly... how was any of that hilarious?


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lol i thought that too..but i understood the point. that basically toby had done what he said he wouldnt do, and exploited the family. Made the dad look like a big bellowing oaf and scooby look like a dumb teenager and it was funny.

But most of what they were saying in that part wasnt really funny lol..except for when he didnt know conan went to college.

Re: laughter in one of the last scenes?

We are experiencing it from Scooby's perspective and of course showing anything to a young audience that is real or awkward will make them laugh. In that respect, it was funny. I didn't think for a second that Toby was trying to make anyone out to be fools but there was that conversation with his editing partner about toby's conflict with the documentary being entertaining or dry. Toby actually says "No, no exploitation... this is serious... but don't you find it funny at the same time?"
So obviously he's conflicted with what he has filmed.

Re: laughter in one of the last scenes?

I did not think it was hilarious at all. In fact, I did feel very sorry for him. Toby has made him out to be a laughingstock and people do not take Scooby and his family seriously and with any respect. I did find it a bit touching how Toby and his friend showed concern to Scooby regarding his deceased family, but if that is genuine, I am not entirely sure. I do believe Toby was not entirely expecting the droll laughter and applause, which also surprised me. Why the heck did they applaud? I know they thought it was amusing, but still. Unless they thought Scooby would see this and learn from it. I also wonder how droll they would think it is when or if they find out Scooby's family died.