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I miss the mini series

I loved growing up watching the mini series such as the Winds of War and North and South. Would love for them to come back. I did read that it might happen so I hope its a fact and not just speculation.

Re: I miss the mini series

I do too. It was like a special event that would last for a short time but more rewarding than a movie, more intense than a series. I don't recall a bad mini-series, either. Loved The Thornbirds. Roots. The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns It. The Stand. Rose Red ... I do hope the mini-series makes a comeback.

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Re: I miss the mini series

I agree there were no bad mini series. They were all wonderful.

Re: I miss the mini series

Now they don't call them "Mini-series" they tag them as regular series, or that is the way it seems. They might add "limited" series but that doesn't really mean much. Often they are just made to test the show's idea and if they see it has become popular THEN they scramble to continue it.

The seasons now are much shorter especially for the Cable Stations. They follow the UK format of 12 or 13 episodes to a season (or "series")

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