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Gas leak/explosion death episode - Law & Order

(Forgive me, but I'm asking this on both boards because this one is more active with people who have been fans of both shows since SVU is still running and since the boards are only up for a short time.)

Does anyone recall an episode of L&O (the original) where the victim (possible perp) died as the result an intentional gas leak in his apartment that was actually orchestrated to be an explosion, but the explosion never happened? I have tried to catch it in reruns, but I only saw it once and I don't remember what season or the title. It's one of those that gnaws at my memory and I hate that I can't remember the resolution/verdict.

I seem to recall that he had a candle on a shelf or maybe lower on a coffee table. He had gas leaking into his apartment (maybe from a line...maybe from an oven) and his intention was to allow the gas to rise to the ceiling and eventually fill up the room to the point where it would be low enough for an explosion to be triggered by the candle. Maybe he didn't die from the gas, but maybe he OD'd or something and he was found by detectives before the explosion was able to occur. I don't recall if it was a suicide, planned murder/suicide, or maybe he was framed to appear like he did it, but in the end, it was someone else.

Does this ring a bell for anybody? Thanks!

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Hmm, I don't remember anything specifically like this, but in the original Law and Order episode Patriot, someone died in an explosion that was meant to look accidental but it was actually an intentional murder plot.

You ought to ask this question on the original L&O board if you haven't already, over there people are obviously more familiar with the original show. This board gets more traffic but a lot of people here never watched the mothership.

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Yeah, I posted on the original L&O board as well and someone replied with that same title.

Thanks!! I'm going to watch for it in reruns.

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A post like yours makes me realize how much I'm going to miss these boards! :(