3D Films : Wrong ratio

Wrong ratio

I am not worried if Panamint at the moment don't include a 0 region of it came from outer space in3D blu-ray.You see it figures that universal home video is waiting for all the d.v.d left over of the flat print to be sold .Then they would consider ,but, it would be not the same as th euro version.The Euro version includes the first 2D musical Revue.this was probably 3D archives influence.Universal home video ,for some reason,would probably not include that.The flat version did not include the flat short.The ratio,when I go the Blu-ray version of Creature from the black lagoon, was appalled that it was cropped for 16:9 ratio.Then I learned that this was the original composition for the screen version.I was seeing the film maker vision.The euro version is not having the filmmakers ratio,but the smaller image version that some neighborhood theaters still had .This audience saw extra detail that the filmmaker did not want film fans to see.It was not his original composition.I guessing ,but the American version may not include the first Musical revue in3D,that will be okay with me.It's mostly be the directors cut .His original composition in which we American would not see the extra detail that Arnold did not want his audience to see.This movie was not a Shane .It was shot for wide screen. Britain won't be seeing the directors composition .I am only guessing if course .Base on how i know this business.

Re: Wrong ratio

The 4:3 version shows the infamous telephone pole in the background of one of the jungle scenes. This doesn't happen when it's shown correctly. I think ICFOS will be released in the correct aspect ratio when it finally appears.

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