3D Films : September Storm restoration.

September Storm restoration.

The last of the 50s 3D Natural Vision movies, the only one (I think) to be shot in CinemaScope and unseen for 50 years.
The 3D elements are deteriorating so there's a campaign to fund 3D Film Archive's restoration via Kickstarter.

Here's the link for contributions:

"Say it with flowers . . . give her a Triffid."

Re: September Storm restoration.

thank you.So that is Bob's next project.I though it might of been Hanna Lee,since that is obscured. .I wonder how the stereo track is ?will it be mono? Or does that still exist in good condition for Sept Storm ?

Re: September Storm restoration.

If it gets funding then I reckon it will be next but a September release seems a bit optimistic.
They haven't said much about the actual elements other than that vinegar syndrome has begun to set in, hence the urgency.

"Say it with flowers . . . give her a Triffid."