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Just saw Passengers

The story was good,but,the 3D could of been better if it was actually shot in it.The close up of the actors faces would have been in stronger depth.The faces are more subtle in depth in fake 3d.They are not constructing close up 3d virtual models of the faces or may be they are making sure no one suffer from eye strain ,by making close ups subtle.Good news for real 3d fans .When a movie is actually shot in 3d ,it is advertises as ,in 3D and real d or In 3D and Imax.If it's fake it is advertise as in real D 3D or Imax 3D. Residential evil the last chapter is shot in real 3D .So is ,I saw the posters ,the Smurfs the movies, Transformers the last night.The website that tell you each year what movie is real3D or fake .the person is giving it up and ending the website.Your going to have to check i.m.d.b. to see if the new movie is actual 3d.

Re: Just saw Passengers

I don't mind converted 3D movies nowadays. I've been very impressed by the effort put into them. They've come a long way since that Clash of the Titans mess.

Heres another Real or Fake 3D site.

Disappointed to hear Valerian is fake 3D but still looking forward to it.