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Universal 3d glasses

A couple of weeks ago i ordered Universal rechargeable 3D glasses that are suppose to work with any blue tooth 3D t.v.The thing was that i thought I was ordering the expand version.It was on sale at Eba y for 14.95.You see the battery operated outer space stem glasses .Well the heat from the shutter would shrink the plastic causing the ear stem to pop out and there would be no way you could put them back in .plastic wrap doesn't work and glue would hit the motor and destroy it .They should have molded these stems.I got these other glasses cause they had normal ear stems that was attached by screws.The only down side to a rechargeable is that if the batteries don't work any more .Like most rechargeable machine the battery are attach to a wire and you would have to use a soldering iron to remove it to put a new battery on.It's hard .The plug replacement are bigger so you got to solder the older plug to make it fit back into the glasses or throw them away and pay another 21 to 39 dollars.Well it turned out what I ordered was a generic brand made in china ,not the expand version.I found out that Universal 3d glasses are produced by different manufactures since there are no patents on them.This one was no name.I had charged it up for 2 hours and 5 minutes .I had trouble with it at first i press the button and not even the red light much less the green light would come on .I felt that it did not work on my t.v. set,but, I found the problem.You have to push the button down hard.That's when it come on and synced to my Samsung 3D t.v. set .It was good as the battery operated 51 50 gb za .These glasses have gone up ,since I ordered them.