3D Films : Just read

Just read

Just read more articles on how the big greedy T.v. makers don't want to serve the 3d minority fans any more,even though they are large still .This could kill Blu ray 3D players and discourage the continuation of Blu ray 3d new movies and classics.I became fan when 3D was dead .I still will be fan.I don't get it when stereophonic sound has been lasting almost forever and never dies out .You don't hear any one suffering from an ear ache.This sickness will hit the theaters too.All this wonderful digital technology and no 3d.While it's still going September storm could end up being released in anaglyphic well as those three redheads from Seattle,since those three big corpcatters won't be putting out anymore3D t.v.s this year.Now if lower brand companies take over his will continue blu ray 3D will continue .For example a no brand 55 to 40 in 3d t.v. for 500? cause it's made in china.Could break down early ,but, that is better than nothing.When mainstream consumer stop being interested in a diverse product that appeals to a minority of consumer only ,even though those small groups are large enough to make money ,although the dollar in the long run,those companies don't want to continue serve the small group cause it will slow down their greedy dollar.Truth it does not slow it don't tha much when you serve big and small.Mainstream companies only serve the establishment If Porn fan waited for Hollywood to serve them .It would never of happen .This is why unemployed took advantage of this market.Now a hated business ,but it thrives.Can three dee be a hated business that thrives?T.v.'s blu ray 3d players ,theater and home video movies,plus release of classic 3d films for home video all produce independently for the large minority of 3d fans.This not impossible.although sex and 3d are too different things and the hate differs .One is aesthetic the other is morality and lack of visual cue,nature mistake,but,the love and hate on both are big.So why not the 3d industry develop outside of the mainstream and m.p.a.a.There is money to be made,We got to keep three dee alive.