3D Films : Got clear understanding

Got clear understanding

It is not only the combination of the 4 consumer companies,CEO and investors becoming greedy by saving money against consumers ,as a means of increasing profit,through cutting back the choices and variety of television sets ,be eliminating 3D t.v.as a choice.but it i through the pressure of the anti3d forces.It isn't just that they don't like 3D,but they are intolerant against it and us consumer who enjoy it.These pole are afraid that the popularity of it,will put there flat film entertainment out of business.Some of them of binocular problems and other need to go an ophthalmologist to straighten there eyes out.The rest hate 3D glasses or hate the reality dimension.The have probably did the extra pressuring of the consumer electronic organization in succeed in in making them not put out any more three dee t.v. sets Big corporation will appease groups like this out of fear they might sue them ,these companies are so addicted to greedy profit that they fear that these small groups are a majority and could blame them for headaches .This why they have appeased them ,they are the mainstream consumers.They fear of losing their patronage from them ,that they will ditch the smaller consumer.This i why pro 3d activism must be organize to over throw the anti 3d forces.if not 3d is really going to die again.They did this in the past.They go to stopped 3d entertainment must progress to the future where it will be real simple and cheap.