3D Films : The m.p.a.a is behind this,possbly

The m.p.a.a is behind this,possbly

They were the ones who succeeded with uncertain threats to influence Sony ,L.G, ,Samsung and vizio,to stop the production of 3D t.v.s possibly. The elitist millionaire and wall street members of the corporate film making, acting theater distribution business,who hates 3D and hates those who love 3d,would like to stop the theaters from showing them .They Have been seeing 3D t.v.as a threat to their business,fearing it might close down the theaters,possibly.The m.p.a.a have had influence over the Consumer electrics corporations over the years,as a result we don't have limitless region free computers burners players or limitless region t.v. sets as well a Blu ray and DVD players.Thanks to the continuous apathy and complacency of consumers to control business,possibly ,you serve us we don't serve you business prostitute,maybe.Possible give away,An article that stated if you want to see a 3D movie you must now go to a theaters,a possible dead give away.The wall street millionaire and billionaire members of Hollywood ,who hate 3D and hate the consumers love for it,possibly have pressured the electronic consumer companies ,possibly with threat to stop 3D programing and pay per view ,charter in my area no longer has 3D movies to rent from cable as well as the fact that small sizes of t.v. don't have this process was never included ,possible m.p.a.a influence .Only having some sets ,thus keeping the prices high ,influenced by the same company to discourage more consumers of 3d t.v.This is all based on observation and possibilities.The 3.d t.v set has becomes threat to Hollywood.There is enough consumer to make a good living on the 3D process ,but those consumer electric organization have been pressured to stop manufacturing them and stop serving 3d fans,I believe .Those 3d fans who are apathetic about this are just too cowardly to take on big business that is suppose to serve them or they are pro big business and anti consumer rights,including there's,support the anti 3D. The improved 4k Blu ray player is design to do away with 3d Blu ray playing pressured by the m.p.a.a.,possibly and the 4k non 3d t.v.s possibility. Consumers ,whether one likes 3D or not need to organized and take way the power of selfish greedy corporations ,including Hollywood and force them to serve you and I our way ,choices,which includes 3d.Warning you might be hearing mono sound only in the future ,black and white and silent films if the m.p.a.a, has their way,possibly.Now what i stated is base on observation.In the past it was sloppy presentations tha killed 3D.Now since it's easy the interest is strong ,but the m.p.a.a may have influence to demote home 3D may be .I won't be surprise if the 3D archive and other pro 3D website disappear in the future expect 3D movie to disappear from the theaters,If you don't think that the m.p.a.a. might have been behind the stopping of native 3Dto get 3D fan mad and stops supporting 3d in the theaters because it's fake too, may be .If we had a true democracy around the populace Hollywood would be controlled by laws to enforce business ethics in the business and not the m.p.a.a. This Canaveral business and consumer electronics must be regulated ethically to serve all consumers,not mainstream only .

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