War Films : "I Hate that War Movie" troller cliche…

"I Hate that War Movie" troller cliche…


If you're here you all probably like war movies--and if you like war movies, you've probably been on a board where a well made war movie gets 'bombed on' for various reasons; for strictly 'scientific purposes' I am trying to assemble a collection of troll cliches and I could use help:

(1) The Wehraboo cliche: The poster who objects because the protagonists of the movie win over 'The Mighty Wehrmacht'; A variation of this is the complain that the movie makes 'The Germans/Japanese/Italians looks stupid'.

(2) These films don't give credit to the other Allies and it's evil twin: 'this film makes the other allies look stupid'

(3) The "IT'S PROPAGANDA" cliche;

Why can't you wretched prey creatures understand that the Universe doesn't owe you anything!?

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Why can't you wretched prey creatures understand that the Universe doesn't owe you anything!?

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I do hope he won't upset Henry...

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Hiya, Nick- I'll reply then.

(1) It is sort of true about the cliche though- the Germans are there purely as cannon fodder to be gunned down in droves and are nearly always hilariously incompetent at tactics. The real German armed forces were somewhat more proficient than ever shown in most movies and that's precisely why it took so long and took the combined efforts of the US, UK, the USSR and numerous other allies to defeat them.
The movies should show the Germans as being the fierce adversaries they were as then the Allied victory looks more impressive not less. Hollywood makes it look as though all we really needed was a small army of Clint Eastwoods armed with Schmeisser MP40s to do the job! And lots of magazines for the MP40s...

(2) Tricky one. Movies do tend to have a nationalistic core and focus on their country of origin's contributions and the other participants are often ignored or forgotten. Exceptions to this are both versions of Sahara, the Devil's Brigade, the Battle Of Britain (the Poles, French, etc) and a few others. I don't mind this except when the mention or inclusion is derogatory- SPR's infamous "They're taking their time..." conversation, Episode 4 of Band Of Brother, etc. where the British are shown/suggested to be incompetent and badly led, where I would also have to include A Bridge Too Far, where Horrocks, Vandeleur and Frost apart the British officers are shown as a useless bunch of hooray henrys.

(3) It's propaganda- nope, it's movie making! Where reality rarely intrudes and screenwriters fall prey to the cliches and repetition that they love so much, painting the good guys as whiter than white and the bad guys as irredeemably evil, forgetting that in the real world they could all do a swop sometimes. Of course, they will occasionally include a bad "good" guy- often a looter- and occasionally an honourable German- a cliche in itself- as an attempt at texture but it is occasionally comical.
The problem as ever is that most audiences want predictable results- a beginning, a middle and preferably a happy ending. Apart from bleak buggers like me who'd happily see all the heroes obliterated by flamethrower or whatever. Especially Matt Damon as Private Ryan in SPR, "Earn this"? More like burn this...

I'll have a think about troll cliches but an obvious one is the Allies committed as many or more war crimes than the Nazis. That rape was a common act by American troops. Also that German armour was superior to Allied tanks and the claim that the Allies were bloodthirsty murderers because of Dresden/Hiroshima, etc but that is sort of the same as my first one.

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I always like the one----"The accents are terrible"

Now I can understand if you have a German with a Bronx, or bad Boston accent

But, as I heard on one thread,"Guy said he was born in London, and he has a Manchester accent, this movie sucks"

Kind of stupid!

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One complaint I've heard about the 1960s war comedy The Horizontal Lieutenant is that it portrays the Japanese in a negative light. Hmm...the film was made in the sixties and it's a WWII film....what are they expecting? If they really want to see a negative portrayal of a Japanese character, they can watch Breakfast at Tiffany's (Mickey Rooney's character). In comparison, The Horizontal Lieutenant makes the Japanese look like the greatest people in the world.

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