The Sopranos : IMDb—as dead as Tony

IMDb—as dead as Tony

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June 10, 2007: The war with NY was over .. the family situation was smoothing out .. and Tony thought his problems were over for the moment. As Mink said "trials are there to be won" so any consequences from the pending indictments were a long way off for Tony. The trouble though was in the real world the movie doesn't go on and on and on... Life is not a song and does not go on forever and it is quite deliberate that the sudden cut to black is on the words "Don't Stop"! Right on cue with "don't stop believin'" Tony gets one in the head.

Remember in an earlier episode Tony warned all the guys to have "eyes in the back of your head... EVERYBODY". And of course it's Big T himself who DIDN'T have eyes in the back of his head and didn't sense the danger from MOG. And of course Tony like his hero JFK got shot from behind and to the right. How's that for irony?

R.I.P. Tony Soprano

Let us have a moment of silence............

A common question posed by lifers is "Who would have killed him?" The simple answer is "with Tony's history there are too many possibilities to isolate any one culprit." It doesn't matter WHO. The important point is that Tony died. He never knew it was coming and he certainly didn't know who. Neither do we. This show hasn't been about Tony in the sense of being told through Tony's continual camera POV shot, but it has been about Tony's world (demonstrated by the dreams, Kevin Finnerty, and the way that loose ends that Tony forgets about tend to disappear into the snowy woods). So it is about Tony Soprano, and if Tony Soprano were killed that is how the Sopranos would end---sudden mid-lyric blackness (NOT a fade to black) before the family is entirely reunited unlike previous seasons where the ending scans over the entire family together.

The mystery of the ending is NOT "did Tony die"? The mystery is "who was behind his death"? We'll never know because once MOG pulled the trigger Tony AND the show became black silent nothing.

Sound of door opening
We see Tony look up toward door
Immediately we see what Tony sees (Janice lookalike entering)

Sound of door opening
We see Tony look up toward door
Immediately we see what Tony sees (man wearing USA hat entering)

Sound of door opening
We see Tony look up toward door
Immediately we see what Tony sees (Carmella entering)

We see MOG and AJ approaching door
Sound of door opening
We see Tony look up toward door
Immediately we see what Tony sees (MOG and AJ entering)

Sound of door opening as MOG gets up and walks by Tony
We see Tony look at MOG then back at menu
We see black guys who are already inside having entered while Tony was distracted by MOG

Meadow runs across street and approaches door from outside
Sound of door opening
We see Tony look up toward door
Immediately we see what Tony sees (black like the inside of a grave)

          .-'  <oOo>  '-.
       .-'  :::::_:::::  '-.
   ___/ ==:...:::-:::...:== \___
 ':::\ \\ \ \\ | | | // / // / _| |_
  '::| .-------------------. ||_ @ _|
   ::|=|*    __  __  __   *|=|'.| |
   ':| |'   ||_) || ||_)  '| |::.^|
    :|=|'   ||\  || ||    '|=|::::.
    :| |'                 '| |:::::.
   _:|=|' ANTHONY SOPRANO '|=|::::::.
 _| || |'        _        '| |:::::::.
|_   |=|'1959  _( )_  2007'|=|':::::.
  | || |' (   (_ ~ _)   ) '| | ':::'
  |^||=|*  )    (_)    (  *|=| '::'
     | '-------------------' .::::'
            .:::'''' ::: .'::::'
         .:::::''':.   .:::::'


"Don't Stop" stopped. Dead.

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And who might you be?

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I am surprised to see that more people didn't come to the same conclusion I came to watching the final episode of The Sopranos — Tony is dead. That's why there was a sharp cut at the end. There wasn't a fade to black, the music stopped, the pictures stopped, there was an instant sharp exit. That's how you die when you get shot in the back of the head.

Most people are claiming that the creator and writer of the show, David Chase wanted to leave an ambiguous ending because life doesn't have clear resolutions and endings (actually, most people don't even care about Chase's intentions, they're just pissed because they wanted a resolution). While I agree that Chase has been pushing that theme throughout the eight year run of the show, I think Chase gave you a very definitive ending here, though apparently not a clear one (at least not clear to a lot of the audience).

The Sopranos has been told from the perspective of Tony Soprano throughout. So, when he dies, the show ends. And his perspective didn't fade out, it ended very abruptly with a bullet to the back of the head. That's why the show ended so abruptly with a sharp cut to black.

There is no other explanation for why there was no fade out. Every other episode of The Sopranos has ended with music and a fade out. Chase could have easily achieved the ambiguity he wanted by fading out in a similar way to end this episode. He specifically did not make that choice.

Also, there is no other reason why they would have made such a big deal out of Meadow being late and having trouble parking. The implication is she is just about to miss or witness some very large event. Writers like Chase don't add elements like that to a script for no reason. Obviously, it had a purpose. You could say that it was just to add tension to that scene and a lot of scenes with tension don't end in dramatic action on The Sopranos. That would be a fair point if the scene had ended like all others on the show. But it didn't. It ended abruptly. Chase isn't making a mistake there, he's sending what I thought was a clear signal. Lights out on Tony Soprano.

Steve Van Zandt had also said in the past that he couldn't see how a movie could be made given how things ended on the show. I put less stock in this because it is hearsay from one of the actors on the show, not the writer. And he might have been referring to something else, like his role in the movie since his character was incapacitated at the end.

If I am right and Tony is dead, then I think it was a brilliant ending. I would say it was the second best ending of a series and the second best perspective on death I've seen on television (the Six Feet Under finale took first prize honors on both those counts).

Death often doesn't come to you in a haze as a bed of soft music plays underneath. Sometimes, it comes suddenly and without warning. You don't get a chance to respond. You don't get a shot at an epilogue or analysis. You're done. Lights out. Blank screen.

I think Chase made a unique, interesting and ultimately brilliant choice. I think Tony Soprano is dead, and I am not full of remorse. It happened in exactly the way it would in real life — in a way you wouldn't expect and in the blink of an eye.

-Cenk Uygur

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Funny as here I was just about to remark on how strangely similar you and Shu are to one another and that it must just be some grand coincidence.

Then imagine my shock to see you quoting Cenk Uygur of all people! What the hell is world coming to?!

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similar you and Shu are to one another
Just because I copied and posted part of his profile last week? He was gone so long I didn't think he was going to come back.

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Haha. Your posting style regarding Tony's fate could not be more similar and has been so for years not just last week! The only thing which tops it is the identical nature of your very specific political positions.

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CanSteve3 » posted this link in another post about this.

Pretty much same thing, but without all that reading. ;-)

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Audio comm ...

S6 provides the answer.

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Good to see you again, Shufitzel. Fare thee well.

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