War Films : The Outsider (1961)

The Outsider (1961)

Looking for good quality copy of this movie. I have a terrible old VHS copy of it that's barely watchable and would love to own a nice quality version. To the best of my knowledge it has never had a legitimate DVD release. Thanks in advance to anyone having any leads.

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1 . one possibility, is sign up to ioffer.com, run a wanted on the item, see if anyone has it and will run a rip for you.
2. there are DVDs showing on Amazon, but curiously, only in R2 PAL which is Europe/UK, won't work on your player if it is R1 NTSC only (many are open zone 0, but many players are also not)
3. There is the usual 'click the link below" page for it on Youtube, millions of old war-movies on YT available play immediately, but that is not one of them. Whether you are willing to sign up to one of those YT link sites or not, if it was on YT, I could down-load it and convert it to MP4.
the odd thing about the YT sign-up site page for that title, is that although it says "click on link below"..I cannot see a link anyway..

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Thanks for response, I'll try ioffer.com.